Concrete & Stone

Initially, most all pools were constructed out of concrete using the traditional form and pour method.  Now day’s pool contractors can choose from a variety of methods when building a concrete pool. Keeping up with todays advanced add mixtures and forming techniques, Ark Custom Pool & Spa dedicated hundreds of hours attending theoretical and practical concrete courses. Most of our competitors resort to concrete/plaster or gunite pool construction where as “Ark” transitioned into a more flexible “concrete/membrane” construction technique. Avoiding problematic water stop, costly epoxy re bar and rough cementitious surfacing, “Ark” opted for a more advanced engineered concrete pool structure that is lined with Armstrong’s soft durable waterproof pool membrane.  This proven system is available in wide range of colours, shapes and designs. Add a rock waterfall or choose from our many stone fire features and create your own unique grotto pool guaranteed to capture anyone’s eye.

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