Endless Pool & Spa Design Opportunities

Whether you’re located in Kelowna, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal... or anywhere in the world, browse through our custom pool options to help create your backyard dreams today. 

Ark Custom Pool & Spa offers endless design and build opportunities when choosing a swimming pool for your outdoor pleasure. From modest, to the unimaginable oasis our tasteful collection of custom swimming pools is tailored specifically to your backyard or landscape area. Unlike conventional  pre-molded fiberglass or standard kit pools each swimming pool is constructed using the finest stainless steel materials available on the market with limitless design opportunities. An Ark Custom Pool allows each customer the option of including waterfalls, pool fountains & water features, beach entries, sun shelves, creative pool surfaces and motifs. Understanding your budget requirements, safety considerations and entertainment needs is just a part of our complete site development process. We take great care to reduce energy consumption and maintenance obligations commonly associated with pool ownership. Our experience is International. Our commitment to quality is effortless pleasure for your family and guests.

Explore our stainless steel pools and hot tubs – we look forward to helping you create your dream oasis.

Let Us Create Your Dream Leisure Space


Ark Custom Pool & Spa manufactures stainless steel pools in Canada through our division, Tesoro® Stainless Steel Hot Tubs and Pools. 

Many of our vessels are prefabricated in our controlled environment at the Tesoro® plant and will be transported and installed in one piece to minimize the need for on-site construction work.  Our wide range of shapes and sizes are suitable for installations below grade, above grade, suspended structures and those applications that do not support heavy loads. 

tesoro stainless steel hot tubs pools

For more information including samples of our beautiful stainless steel pools, please click on the link below to visit our Tesoro website. 

Tesoro® pools and spas are inspired by European design and fabrication methods – manufactured in Canada