DLW delifol® Pool Refurbishments

DLW delifol® is a low maintenance tear resistant membrane designed to surface both new and aged swimming pools. These durable reinforced pool linings can be applied onto any existing pool surface providing a one piece water-proof membrane. This hard wearing attractive membrane is an inexpensive solution when refurbishing your residential or commercial swimming pool. The soft material equipped against microbiological attacks is available in 8 different colours and 6 vibrant patterns (as well as 4 bright primary colours which are available by special order). Ark Custom Pool & Spa is proud to be the representative for DLW delifol® throughout Canada. Our certified and trained staff is here to service all of your pool refurbishment needs. Make “Ark” your first choice when renovating your pool.

DLW delifol® Material Choices: 


DLW delifol® swimming pool lining codes: NG, NGD, NGC and NGP

  • DLW delifol® NG/NGC: lining sheets of PVC-P reinforced with high tensile fabric, monochrome.
  • DLW delifol® NGD: lining sheets of PVC-P, reinforced with high tensile fabric, decor (two-coloured).
  • DLW delifol® NGP: lining sheets of PVC-P, reinforced with high tensile fabric, pyramidal shaped surface (anti-slip).

“I am writing to thank you for your help in finding a solution to our chronic rust problem in our three year old swimming pool. Since 2009, our pool light niche and skimmer started to rust prematurely, while our pool was still under warranty. The manufacturer did try to resolve the issue; however they never dealt with the root cause. Further they missed diagnosed the rust and informed us it was algae. Greg was able to determine not only the root cause, but was also able to implement a solution for our rust problem His experience coupled with his formal industry education is clearly demonstrated in his ability to rectify our chronic rust problem. Greg has renewed our belief that quality pool contractors do exist. If you are building or renovating a pool you owe it to yourself to deal with Greg Solmundson and his staff at Ark Custom Pools as they are professionals.”

Brendan Roddy & Dr. Danielle Jobb

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