DLW delifol® – is ideal for new pool construction and or swimming pool refurbishments.

DLW delifol® – is a reinforced, 1.5 mm thick; PVC membrane used to surface high traffic residential and commercial pools. The edges of the material are over-lapped, welded and sealed with the latest hot-air welding tools. The material remains flexible reacting to any slight movement or cracking of a pool shell.

DLW delifol® – can be installed on the surface of any existing pool finish with minimal site preparation.

DLW delifol® – gives you more freedom to design a pool that compliments the surrounding areas with any combination of the 8 standard colours and 6 stunning exclusive patterns. 4 bold primary colours are available for motifs, company logos or other individual designs to further personalize the pool.

DLW delifol® – can be installed into any shape or size from private pools for fun and relaxation or Olympic pools for serious competition.

DLW delifol® – allows you to include in your design; steps, bays, beach areas, pits for automatic covers, safety ledges and deck level and “negative edge” designs. Non-slip material is applied to step treads and shallow areas for added safety.

DLW delifol® – can only be installed by specialist fitters. The work is quick and clean and with no “curing time” to wait for, re-filling can begin whilst the finishing touches are being made. The pool can be back in action very quickly, making it very economical.

DLW delifol® – is treated to protect against damage from UV, pool chemicals and algae growth.

DLW delifol® – is guaranteed to remain water-tight for a full 10 years and conforms to the high quality requirements reflected by DIN EN ISO 9001, IAPMO R&T laboratories and conforms to sections 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4, 8.1, 8.2, of ANSI Z124.7 – 1997 and DIN 16938