Custom Design & Build

We appreciate the enhancement of your property involves significant planning, critical evaluation and the delivery of superior workmanship. The decision to build a pool or spa requires a substantial investment; therefore it is our responsibility to provide our customers the unmatched freedom of choice in the creation of their leisure space.

Working closely together for over 20 years with the leading pool & spa manufacturers, we provide you with the latest cutting edge technology and construction practices in the aquatic industry. Our company expertise and experience has enabled us to participate in several hundred pool and spa projects both locally and abroad.

Located in West Kelowna and servicing Western Canada, Ark Custom Pool & Spa offers prospective clients complete consultation, design and build services for both residential and commercial aquatic vessels.

An Ark custom swimming pool or hot tub engineered from the finest stainless steel, composite or concrete is available in any size or configuration and surfaced with your choice of tile, stone or immaculately tailored material for maximum performance and durability.  


At Ark Custom Pool & Spa we pride ourselves on our relationships with customers, suppliers, manufacturers, employees and sub trades. Representing our suppliers and delivering a stunning end product to our customers is achieved through frequent correspondence and communication with our counterparts and more importantly with our customers. Setting forth realistic timelines, providing adequate manpower and delivery of superior goods is what our company stands for and has been the key to “Ark’s” success.

Our over 20 year ongoing working relationship with DLW delifol® positioned our company to exclusively distribute DLW delifol® linings throughout Canada. DLW delifol® is the leading producer of PVC swimming pool linings worldwide.

Ark Custom Pool & Spa is committed to developing and retaining dynamic relationships with our customers and counterparts alike. Let us help you create effortless pleasure for your leisure space.


Greg is a master craftsman who is passionate about building pools of the highest quality. His work is reminiscent of an artisan from a bygone era with it being second to none. Greg’s commitment to his work and clients is unparalleled.

J.P., Calgary