Product information

DLW delifol® linings have been developed to provide permanently sealed membranes for water containment facilities including swimming pools, tanks, ponds and lagoons. DLW delifol® linings are monomerically plasticized calendared PVC sheets (PVC-P) reinforced by an integrated TREVIRA high tensile fabric. They are produced in accordance with DIN 16938 and meet the properties required by this standard. Recipe and materials processing guarantee top quality. From the selection of the raw materials until the finished product, rigorous checks are carried out. Approval inspections take place after every production. The high quality requirements are reflected by DIN EN ISO 9001, ASTM, ANSI and IAPMO certification for our development, production and test departments.

DLW delifol® linings provide outstanding physical, chemical, and mechanical properties with superior durability. They are reasonably priced and economical which is confirmed by a favourable cost performance ratio. Advice, planning and execution of building projects should be left exclusively to experienced installation firms trained by DLW AG. This guarantees that your project will be completed technically in top condition and made to last. Installation is independent of form, size and construction. It can be carried out for both, new projects and renovations, within a short time. We are able to offer in the planning stage comprehensive advice and support to architects, installation firms and pool contractors. In addition, we provide installation support in advance, since we train our laying specialists in expert handling of our lining sheets.

DLW delifol® swimming pool lining codes = NG, NGD, NGC and NGP

  • DLW delifol® NG/NGC
    lining sheets of PVC-P reinforced with high tensile fabric, monochrome.
  • DLW delifol® NGD
    lining sheets of PVC-P, reinforced with high tensile fabric, decor (two-coloured).
  • DLW delifol® NGP
    lining sheets of PVC-P, reinforced with high tensile fabric, pyramidal shaped surface (anti-slip).

DLW delifol® swimming pool linings have been treated against microbiological attack with Acticide SR 4041. This formulation is integrated with the PVC-P lining providing protection from bacterial and fungal incursion and preventing the decomposition of PVC-P plasticizers. Acticide is both non-irritating and environmentally safe.

Note: Due to anti-microbiological properties, DLW delifol® swimming pool linings are not suitable for fish-inhabited or botanical ponds. Special lining materials are available for such installations.

(See DLW delifol® TG, BTG and STG)

Further product properties:

  • Physiologically unobjectionable
  • Does not rot or weather
  • When used with properly maintained water and basin long service life and no fading
  • Dimensionally stable with high tensile strength (due to high tensile fabric)
  • Permanently elastic and cold flexible
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Available in 12 attractive colours and six decors
  • Individual colour combinations are possible
  • Extraordinarily easy to maintain
  • Ecologically acceptable, can be recycled, saves energy and resources
  • Can be installed made to measure by swimming pool specialists in situ, ensuring a perfect fit
  • Material homogeneous seam connections
  • High economic efficiency due to very good cost-performance ratio
  • Stable against UV radiation