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Tesoro® Stainless Steel Hot Tubs & Pools

Tesoro® Stainless Steel Aquatic Vessels is the newest addition to Ark Custom Pool & Spas elegant repertoire. Tesoro® Stainless Steel Aquatic vessels specializes in manufacturing and installing stainless steel hot tubs, swimming pools and water features. With decades of stainless steel fabrication experience Tesoro® offers technologically advanced stainless steel vessels in any shape or size.  Manufactured in Canada, Tesoro® is highly touted amongst architects, engineers, developers and owners for creative designs, efficiency and qualitative concerns. 


Luxuries of Customization & Personalization

Tesoro® stainless steel hot tubs and stainless steel pools provide exceptional design freedom for both residential and commercial water attractions. Our customers can choose their own finish whether they want to retain a smooth silky stainless steel finish or add quality tile coatings partially or to all of the interior surfaces. The exterior can be showcased by adding stone or fine wood decking. Our design specialists will be glad to assist you in defining specifications for your project needs. 




Our mission is to create a luxurious product built to withstand harsh environments. All of our customer specifications are translated into technical drawings prior to fabricating our self supporting durable structures. One of many advantages when purchasing a Tesoro® vessel is knowing that the complete structure and all of its components are manufactured in the same controlled plant located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. 

Our systems and machinery are high tech and sophisticated complimentary to the highest grade stainless steel used for all of our swimming pools, hot tubs and water features.

We only use heavy gauge certified stainless steel alloy materials in accordance with international metal standards complete with mill test certifications. All mechanical components are commercial grade and are built specifically for aquatic environments.

Our stringent in-house quality control system monitors each and every vessel from start to finish of the fabrication process and on to the final water testing.



Stainless Steel

Why are Tesoro® Hot Tubs and Pools made from Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel provides a material with extremely low corrosion rates to a wide range of waters. Stainless steel’s lightweight and structural durability is one of many advantages when considering to build an aquatic vessel. Each Tesoro® vessel is water tight and produces a lasting finish without the hassle of having to re line or re coat the surface. Ideal applications for high rises, decks, private properties, or any in ground or above ground installation. Here are some more of the important stainless features when considering a Tesoro® Hot tub, Swimming Pool or Water Feature.:

  • Tolerance of high heat and flow rates.
  • Lightweight and easy transportation.
  • Extremely low leaching levels into water.
  • Hygienic fabrication assists in producing our immaculate products.
  • Corrosion resistant to a wide range of water environments.
  • Extraordinary strength and Pliability.
  • Perfectly watertight.
  • Durability.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • 100% recyclable.

Architectural Design Freedom

Stainless Steel’s combination of good ductility and handling of cross sections promotes outstanding design freedom. This is particularly the case for unconventionally shaped swimming pools and hot tubs. The 316L sheets goods can be shaped and welded into place in tune with the imagination of Architects and designers alike. The smooth touch and elegant feel lends itself to an upmarket that appeals to both project owners and users.

Stainless steel is high-tech and relates to a time of constantly increasing health and safety requirements, stainless steel provides the assurance of exceptional service life. The appearance of stainless steel does not deteriorate and the service life of our aquatic vessels is unmatched against conventional methods of constructing swimming pools and hot tubs. A truly sensational product complimentary with the backdrops throughout Canada and abroad

Hygienic Material

Stainless steel is a naturally hygienic material; it is inherently inert with regard to the environment and this property is beneficial in the conditions applicable to use in a swimming pool, hot tub or water feature. Traditional pools and hot tubs have a number of joints and porous surfaces multiplying the risks of bacterial growth. The surface properties of stainless steel sheets goods and the methods of joining the various parts greatly limit this occurrence. Leakage problems are a major concern in any water containment. This is particularly the case around water inlets and outlets in concrete pools and hot tubs. They are virtually impossible to fix and require an increasingly rare specialist to diagnose the leak or issue. Our vessels incorporate such components in the walls and floor reducing the risk of bacteria and infiltration of chlorinated water to the surrounding structures.

Environmental Qualities

Stainless steel is a material that is 100% recyclable at the end of its life and, in the construction industry, its effective reclamation rate amounts to 90%. Tesoro’s® manufacturing and or building process enables plant and site nuisance to be reduced: less dust, less waste, less product consumption, etc. Less concrete is required for the foundations and roof tops. For the workforce, factory work is safer and less arduous than site work. Water consumption is reduced due to the absence of leaks. Consumption of maintenance products is also reduced. Overall, management of the water function is optimised.

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